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Rejuven8 St John's 4 All Donation Form

The first stage of this project is now underway thanks to the generosity of our many donors.  There is a much larger second stage to this project to come.  Part of the project will be to complete the more extensive repairs needed to the roof.  This will form part of the REJUVEN8 ST.JOHN'S 4 ALL project.

We do not know exactly how much the further repairs will be but it will be a considerable sum.  If you would like to make a donation to support this project please donate by downloading and completing the form below.  All donations are held in the Fabric Fund which is a restricted fund meaning that your donation cannot be used for anything other than the Fabric Fund.

The Fabric Fund was set up in December 2018.  The purpose of the fund is to pay for any works to the building both inside and out and to replace, repair, alter or add to furnishings or equipment that improve the service provided by St. John the Baptist Church, Bishop Monkton.

Rejuven8 St John's4 All donation form.pdf