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How to find us and Access

Pedestrian access to St John the Baptist Church is through the Lychgate on StJohn's Road.   The main pathway to the church is tarmac, which has two steps, and then 8 steep steps up into the porch.  There is a handrail but this is not an easy entrance for those with mobility difficulties.   However, after going through the Lychgate, you can take another path to the left round the church to our smaller level entrance from the south side of the church.   But there also is one step on this path and is made with gravel.

It is possible to drive round to St John's Way, and although parking right by the church entrance here is difficult, it is possible to drop someone off, and there is then level access to the south door.


St John's Church PostCode is HG3 3QZ. Parking can be found on the streets surrounding the church.