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Commendation of Revd. Robb from his former parishioners and colleagues.

Commendation of Revd. Robb from his former parishioners and colleagues.

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Published by Zita Branton on Tuesday, 6 October 2020 08:44

Revd. Robb Wainwright was licensed as our new Associate Priest on October 5th at a service in Ripon Cathedral. With only 30 people in attendance due to Covid restrictions, and all wearing masks, it was an unusual but very special service. It is still possible to view the service through the Cathedral's YouTube page. Revd. Robb is looking forward to meeting as many people as possible over the coming weeks and within minutes of the service ending he was arranging get-togethers and meetings and talking about plans for the future. He is clearly very keen to get started.

A particularly moving part of the service was the reading of the commendation written by his former colleagues and parishioners in Tenby, Wales:

Robb arrived in Tenby in 2012. During his time as Team Vicar at St Mary's with Pennally he proved himself to be a wonderful, faithful priest, able to lead and develop his ministry with enthusiasm and sensitivity, looking to the future while aware of, and understanding, the traditions of the past, still so dearly loved by many. As a spiritual leader he has always been inspiring, but he is also approachable, making himself available when needed by parishioners. His pastoral care has been second to none, with many in the community happy to commend his caring nature and ability to make the painful situations of life more bearable. In good times, his infectious sense of humour makes him a welcome guest wherever he goes. He became an integral part pf the community, joining in activities both in the church and village-based with geniality and commitment. 

Robb and his wife Lindy have given the parishes a wonderful example of Christian family life; their home has always been open to all. Indeed Robb is someone who gives his all to whatever he is doing, be it within the church or within the community he has the ability to combine the two with ease. 

Bishop Monkton and Burton Leonard will benefit from a faithful priest who understands different styles of worship and is sympathetic to congregations whatever age or setting. He has that "knack" of bringing the best out of people through encouragement, love and understanding. 

We warmly commend him to the Benefice of Ripon Cathedral and our loss is Bishop Monkton and Burton Leonard's gain.