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Published by Pip Garside on Monday, 20 July 2020 19:32

The June draw marked the last one of the first year of the Draw.

The Draw is Registered with Harrogate Borough Council under Small Lotteries Society (Registration of Non-commercial Societies) Regulations 2007 Gambling Act 2005. The first year proved successful with 64 numbers being ‘bought’. The draw was made on the third Sunday of each month and the winning numbers were displayed on the village notice boards, on the village website, the church website and published in the parish magazine. The prize money awarded was 40% of the total income for each month.

Total income for the year                £3,720.00

Total prize money paid out              £1,488.00

Total Expenses                                    £40.00 (registration fee)

Net Profit                                      £2,192.00

The aim of the Draw is to raise funds for the Church Fabric Fund that is used to pay for any repairs, such as those being undertaken at the moment, necessary to the Church. The £2,192.00 has now been transferred to this fund.

Thank you to all those who supported the Draw and raised this wonderful sum to add to the Fabric Fund.

This month sees the first Draw of the 20/21 Draw year. It is wonderful to now have 71 subscribers to numbers which means more prize money to the lucky winners. It is not too late to join the Draw the numbers cost £60 for a year which can be paid one payment, two payments of £30 each or by monthly standing order of £5.00 per month.

Please contact Maggie Wood tel: 01765 677159 email: or Sue Hargreaves for application forms.

Maggie Wood