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Nativity Service at St John the Baptist Parish Church

Nativity Service at St John the Baptist Parish Church

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Published by Pip Garside on Friday, 27 December 2019 15:13

The Nativity Service held on Christmas Eve was led by Sheila Parsons and Alison Holley.  

 A packed church enjoyed the telling of the nativity story but before it started there was a loud knock at the church vestry door which the inn-keeper opened.   It was the Sullivan family who were the last family to host the Posada figurine of a pregnant Mary and her husband-to-be Joseph, which has been staying at the homes of 24 families in the village and area for the month of December.  Churchwarden Sue Short thanked them for bringing the Posada to the service and asked them to place the Posada on the altar.

 The lighting of the 6 Christmas Candles also took place with many children wanting to help.

 The story of Jesus' birth then began with the singing of the carol "Away in a manger".  Joseph  (Dominic Marsden) and Mary (Olive Spiers) called at the Inn only to learn that the only accommodation available was a stable.   Mary gave birth to Jesus and laid him in a manger but first showing the baby to everyone in church by walking down the aisle and back.  

Everyone who had hosted the Posada were invited to return their sheep to the stable to join the baby. 

Two Angel Gabriels were in attendance as were the three Kings.   Unfortunately there were no shepherds but lots of children wanted to be included in the beautiful Nativity Tableau at the end of the service which concluded by everyone singing "We wish you a merry Christmas"!

Thanks go to Sheila and Alison for planning and leading this moving service and for the children who played the various parts.