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Successful Cafe Church held at Parish Church

Successful Cafe Church held at Parish Church

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Published by Pip Garside on Monday, 11 November 2019 16:13

The first All-Age Café Church was held at St John the Baptist Parish Church on Sunday 3rd November.   The service was led by Stuart Newsome, our Lay Worship Leader.      On each table was a plate of delicious cakes and everyone was offered a coffee/tea or soft drink on arrival by Church Coffee team members Sheila Parsons and Clare Douglas.    

The service started by, at Stuart’s suggestion, the congregation introducing themselves to each other which took several minutes and proved very noisy!   Noah Sullivan lit the “Mission Candle” and said the “Prayer for Growth”. During the service Stuart divided the congregation into two groups and gave each of them a different question to think about and give their views.   One group debated ‘What is our Church today’ and the other group debated ‘What do we want our church to be?’.  A lively discussion ensued. The results were noted by a scribe for each group and will be passed to the PCC to take forward.   This was a very useful exercise and one which will be acted upon. 

Sadly it was Stuart’s last All-Age Service following his resignation last month as he is planning to move in the near future.    Churchwarden Sue Short thanked Stuart for his contribution to our Church in running the All-Age Services over the past few years which have been such a success and for other roles he has filled in the past.    She also asked him to thank his wife Jane for the lovely cakes she kindly provided.    The congregation joined Sue in wishing Stuart every happiness for the future by a clapping of hands to show their appreciation.  This went on for several minutes to resounding sounds of “hear hear”.