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Dogs and Guinea Pigs Come to Church!

Dogs and Guinea Pigs Come to Church!

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Published by Anonymous on Sunday, 13 October 2019 17:19

Today was our Annual Pet Service and we had a great crowd today.   10 dogs of differing breeds and sizes joined us, as well as the two school guinea pigs who were wanting to be blessed.     We also had photos of two cats and an amazing gecko, who couldn't physically join us because it would have been too traumatic for them.   

We had fun finding out how old they were, what their favourite food was, how much exercise they needed, and any bad habits they might have.

And alongside all this fun, we had an amazing dramatic reading, from Stuart Newsome, of Creation.   So a wonderful time was had by all, ending with coffee and some very tasty chocolate muffins with smarties on top.   What a great way to spend a Sunday morning - thanking God for the pets he has given us and enjoying fellowship together.

The school guinea pigs came to church