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All Good Gifts Around Us!

All Good Gifts Around Us!

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Published by Anonymous on Tuesday, 8 October 2019 15:38

This year's annual Harvest Lunch was held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 8th October.  As always we were served delicious vegetable soup, with a choice of breads; followed by either Apple or Plum Crumble served with custard or cream, or there was an option of fruit salad.   Tea and coffee were served afterwards.

A huge thank you to some of the Year 6 pupils from the School who came to serve the 50 or so of us.  They were brilliant at engaging with everyone, and very keen to help serve seconds and clear the tables.   Mrs Townson set a great example by helping with the washing up.   And before they left, the children sang us all a rendition of the old Ralph McTell's song "The Streets of London" which they learnt in collective worship recently.

An ever bigger thank you must go to the ladies who prepared all the food.

Here is the prayer Rev Sheila said before we all tucked in:  "Creator God, we thank you for the food which we are about to eat.  We thank you for the farmers and gardeners who grew the produce, for the cooks who have prepared it, for the people who made this hall a comfortable place to eat it, for those who will serve it, and for the people who will wash up after we have eaten it.  Amen"

Mrs Townson washing up for us setting a great example to the children!