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Published by Pip Garside on Thursday, 26 September 2019 17:08

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of people in the village and beyond who have responded to the fundraising appeal so enthusiastically. We are now able to announce that we have sufficient money to begin the urgent work needed to make the Church tower safe and the roof watertight.

The start date will be 2nd March 2020 and the work should be finished on 1st May 2020. For practical reasons it is not possible for the work to be done before then.

The terrific sum of £33,269 has been raised since December 2018 beginning with the wonderful Wine and Cheese evening held at Hall Farm. The main appeal was launched at the Open meeting in February  and we know there is more to come from the proceeds of ‘Renton Fest’, thank you Stancey, Rory Richold’s inspiring sponsored walk and ‘Escaping from Colditz’ a lecture on 29th October in the village hall – This promises to be an amazing evening so make sure you get your ticket.

This is a fabulous achievement in such a short period a time. Rev Sheila and the PCC thank you all for your wonderful support.


Much encouraged by the response to this appeal we are now turning our attention to the longer-term repairs to the roof and future of the building. A group, comprising  representatives of both the church community and the whole village, has been formed to look at how this much loved building can play a bigger role in the life of the village. The Church will always be primarily a place of Worship but there is a strong feeling that there are opportunities to use the building in other ways for the benefit of the community.

Now the group leading this project would like your input on how we should take this work forward. Bishop Monkton is lucky enough to have a wonderful village hall as well as other facilities including two pubs, sports facilities, the school and of course the Methodist Church. However the village hall is often oversubscribed with bookings and, over the next few years , the population is likely to increase in size. The Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council are represented on the project group and supportive of the idea of making greater use of the church. It is our intention over the next few months to conduct a village survey so you will have the opportunity to have your say as to how the building could be used in the future.

James Hobson (Fabric Officer) Maggie Wood (PCC Treasurer)