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Make a joyful noise!

Make a joyful noise!

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Published by Anonymous on Sunday, 8 September 2019 17:08

This morning at the All Together@10.30 service in Burton Leonard, the youngsters certainly made a joyful noise to the Lord by banging various homemade plastic bottle shakers during the last hymn "We are marching to the light of God".   It was a wonderful end to a great time together, when we recapped all the places and followers of Christ we had "joined" while travelling around the world on the Disciple Ship!   Over the last eight months we travelled to:

Paris with Paul

St Petersburg with Peter

Maryland in USA with Mary the Mother of Jesus

Queriot in Judea with Judas Iscariot

Thomasville in USA with Thomas

Grimsby in June with James and John, two fishermen

Martha's Vineyard in the USA with sisters Mary and Martha

and lastly, the Philippines with 3 Philips; Philip the Apostle, King Philip II of Spain, and Philip of Rome.

During this series of journeys the congregation each had a passport which was stamped before they left the church.   Those (under 15)  who had received the most stamps received a prize, others received a bookmark with the books of the Bible on, and everyone who wanted had a "Haribo fish" before they left the church.

All in all, a great series in which we looked at the characters of these followers, and wondered what we could learn from them and undertake ourselves.

Next month, October 13th our All Together Service will be a Pet Service, when families are invited to bring their pets to church allowing us all to thank God for the gift of having a pet.   

And before that, on September 29th we will be holding our All Age Harvest Service at 10.30 in the church, when we hope many from the village and the school will join us.