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The Children's Society Box Collection 2019

Published by Pip Garside on Tue, 20 Aug 2019 19:58
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Thank you so much for your great generosity enabling a total of £1,208.60 (£750.00 Burton Leonard an increase of £33.00 from last year, £458.60 from Bishop Monkton a drop of £60) to be passed on to The Children’s Society. This is a little less than last year however some of the box holders in Bishop Monkton have moved away. This is a wonderful result given the many requests from so many fundraising organisations that we all receive.

 I am immensely grateful to Kathleen Perkins for her continued support collecting and counting up the contents of all the Burton Leonard boxes.

 It would be great to have some new box holders. This means having a collecting box in which to collect your donation throughout the year. It doesn’t matter how large or small this donation is. The boxes are collected in and the contents counted up and paid directly into the Children’s Society bank account. If you can help please contact me and I will bring a box to you.

 Your donation will make a difference to young lives.

 Maggie Wood

Local Secretary, The Children’s Society

Tel: 01765 677159



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