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All Age Trip to Grimsby?

Published by Anonymous on Sun, 9 Jun 2019 15:34
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At both this month's All Age/Altogether Services we have been journeying on our Disciple Ship to Grimsby.   (This is just an imaginary trip).  We were learning from two disciples of Jesus, James and John, who were fishermen.  We heard how fishermen then and now need to have the characteristics of patience, faith and courage.   In order to explain this more, Stuart who was doing the talks this month, had a great experiment in courage, by inviting someone to come and show immense courage while a large chisel attached to a pole, was swung towards their mouth.   Amazingly all the children who took part in this showed great courage and hardly flinched as the metal chisel swung back towards their teeth!   We were then encouraged to also show patience, faith and courage in our Christian lives.   

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